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01-Feb-2016 16:18:59 Build - 1.0 test - Default Job #33 (SH-TEST-JOB1-33) started building on agent Default Agent
01-Feb-2016 16:18:59 Build working directory is /data/atlassian/bamboo/xml-data/build-dir/SH-TEST-JOB1
01-Feb-2016 16:18:59 Executing build - 1.0 test - Default Job #33 (SH-TEST-JOB1-33)
01-Feb-2016 16:18:59 Starting task 'Checkout 1.0 test' of type 'com.atlassian.bamboo.plugins.vcs:task.vcs.checkout'
01-Feb-2016 16:18:59 Updating source code to revision: ea9b2a6528804f0767b14a5cc7b68724fdd0e196
01-Feb-2016 16:19:00 Fetching 'refs/heads/test' from ''.
01-Feb-2016 16:19:01 Git: Updating references
01-Feb-2016 16:19:01 Git:
01-Feb-2016 16:19:01 Checking out revision ea9b2a6528804f0767b14a5cc7b68724fdd0e196.
01-Feb-2016 16:19:03 Updated source code to revision: ea9b2a6528804f0767b14a5cc7b68724fdd0e196
01-Feb-2016 16:19:03 Finished task 'Checkout 1.0 test'
01-Feb-2016 16:19:03 Running pre-build action: Clover Grails PreBuild Action
01-Feb-2016 16:19:03 Running pre-build action: VCS Version Collector
01-Feb-2016 16:19:03 Starting task 'Use Drush to build the drupal package' of type 'com.atlassian.bamboo.plugins.scripttask:task.builder.script'
01-Feb-2016 16:19:03
Beginning to execute external process for build ' - 1.0 test - Default Job #33 (SH-TEST-JOB1-33)'
... running command line:
/bin/sh socialhistory
... in: /data/atlassian/bamboo/xml-data/build-dir/SH-TEST-JOB1
01-Feb-2016 16:19:03 Default version 1.0
01-Feb-2016 16:19:03 Build target/socialhistory-1.0.tar.gz from socialhistory.make, revision ea9b2a6528804f0767b14a5cc7b68724fdd0e196
01-Feb-2016 16:19:03 Beginning to build socialhistory.make.                               [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:05 drupal-7.41 downloaded.                                              [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:06 Project advanced_help contains 2 modules: help_example, advanced_help.
01-Feb-2016 16:19:06 advanced_help-7.x-1.3 downloaded.                                    [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:07 backup_migrate-7.x-3.1 downloaded.                                   [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:08 Project birthdays contains 2 modules: birthdays_defaults, birthdays.
01-Feb-2016 16:19:08 birthdays-7.x-1.x-dev downloaded.                                    [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:09 Project captcha contains 2 modules: image_captcha, captcha.
01-Feb-2016 16:19:09 captcha-7.x-1.3 downloaded.                                          [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:09 colorbox-7.x-2.10 downloaded.                                        [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:09 Found makefile: colorbox.make                                        [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:09 colorbox downloaded from                                             [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:09
01-Feb-2016 16:19:10 Project context contains 3 modules: context_layouts, context_ui, context.
01-Feb-2016 16:19:10 context-7.x-3.6 downloaded.                                          [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:11 Project ctools contains 10 modules: ctools_ajax_sample, ctools_access_ruleset, ctools_custom_content, views_content, term_depth, ctools_plugin_example, stylizer, page_manager, bulk_export, ctools.
01-Feb-2016 16:19:11 ctools-7.x-1.9 downloaded.                                           [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:12 Project custom_search contains 4 modules: custom_search_i18n, custom_search_taxonomy, custom_search_blocks, custom_search.
01-Feb-2016 16:19:12 custom_search-7.x-1.20 downloaded.                                   [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:13 Project date contains 11 modules: date_repeat, date_views, date_migrate_example, date_migrate, date_all_day, date_api, date_tools, date_repeat_field, date_popup, date_context, date.
01-Feb-2016 16:19:13 date-7.x-2.9 downloaded.                                             [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:14 Project delta contains 4 modules: delta_blocks, delta_color, delta_ui, delta.
01-Feb-2016 16:19:14 delta-7.x-3.0-beta11 downloaded.                                     [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:15 email-7.x-1.3 downloaded.                                            [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:16 Project entity contains 2 modules: entity_token, entity.
01-Feb-2016 16:19:16 entity-7.x-1.6 downloaded.                                           [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:17 entity_path-7.x-1.x-dev downloaded.                                  [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:17 extlink-7.x-1.18 downloaded.                                         [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:18 features-7.x-1.0 downloaded.                                         [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:19 Project feeds contains 4 modules: feeds_news, feeds_import, feeds_ui, feeds.
01-Feb-2016 16:19:19 feeds-7.x-2.0-beta1 downloaded.                                      [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:20 Project feeds_tamper contains 2 modules: feeds_tamper_ui, feeds_tamper.
01-Feb-2016 16:19:20 feeds_tamper-7.x-1.1 downloaded.                                     [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:21 feeds_xls-7.x-1.2 downloaded.                                        [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:22 feeds_xpathparser-7.x-1.1 downloaded.                                [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:22 field_collection-7.x-1.0-beta8 downloaded.                           [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:23 field_group-7.x-1.5 downloaded.                                      [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:24 field_slideshow-7.x-1.82 downloaded.                                 [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:25 follow-7.x-2.0-alpha1 downloaded.                                    [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:26 forward-7.x-2.1 downloaded.                                          [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:27 Project google_analytics contains a module named googleanalytics.
01-Feb-2016 16:19:27 google_analytics-7.x-2.1 downloaded.                                 [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:28 Project i18n contains 16 modules: i18n_block, i18n_sync, i18n_variable, i18n_forum, i18n_menu, i18n_taxonomy, i18n_path, i18n_select, i18n_user, i18n_translation, i18n_redirect, i18n_field, i18n_contact, i18n_node, i18n_string, i18n.
01-Feb-2016 16:19:28 i18n-7.x-1.13 downloaded.                                            [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:28 i18nviews-7.x-3.x-dev downloaded.                                    [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:29 Project imagemagick contains 2 modules: imagemagick_advanced, imagemagick.
01-Feb-2016 16:19:29 imagemagick-7.x-1.0 downloaded.                                      [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:30 Project job_scheduler contains 2 modules: job_scheduler_trigger, job_scheduler.
01-Feb-2016 16:19:30 job_scheduler-7.x-2.0-alpha3 downloaded.                             [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:31 jquery_update-7.x-3.0-alpha3 downloaded.                             [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:32 l10n_update-7.x-2.0 downloaded.                                      [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:33 Project ldap contains 12 modules: ldap_user, ldap_authorization_drupal_role, ldap_authorization_og, ldap_authorization, ldap_query, ldap_test, ldap_sso, ldap_feeds, ldap_help, ldap_views, ldap_authentication, ldap_servers.
01-Feb-2016 16:19:33 ldap-7.x-2.0-beta8 downloaded.                                       [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:34 libraries-7.x-2.2 downloaded.                                        [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:35 link-7.x-1.3 downloaded.                                             [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:35 Project mailchimp contains 4 modules: mailchimp_lists, mailchimp_activity, mailchimp_campaign, mailchimp.
01-Feb-2016 16:19:36 mailchimp-7.x-2.12 downloaded.                                       [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:36 Project media contains 3 modules: media_internet, file_entity, media.
01-Feb-2016 16:19:36 media-7.x-1.5 downloaded.                                            [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:37 media_colorbox-7.x-1.0-rc4 downloaded.                               [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:38 media_dailymotion-7.x-1.1 downloaded.                                [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:39 media_youtube-7.x-3.0 downloaded.                                    [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:40 Project mediafront contains 7 modules: mediafront_kaltura, timeline_bookmark, mediafront_youtube, timeline_indicator, osmplayer, minplayer, mediafront.
01-Feb-2016 16:19:40 mediafront-7.x-2.2 downloaded.                                       [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:41 Project menu_block contains 2 modules: menu_block, menu_block_export.
01-Feb-2016 16:19:41 menu_block-7.x-2.7 downloaded.                                       [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:42 menu_position-7.x-1.2 downloaded.                                    [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:43 Project metatag contains 17 modules: metatag_dc, metatag_devel, metatag_views, metatag_panels, metatag_importer, metatag_app_links, metatag_mobile, metatag_favicons, metatag_facebook, metatag_dc_advanced, metatag_opengraph_products, metatag_verification, metatag_google_plus, metatag_context, metatag_opengraph, metatag_twitter_cards, metatag.
01-Feb-2016 16:19:43 metatag-7.x-1.7 downloaded.                                          [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:44 nice_menus-7.x-2.5 downloaded.                                       [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:44 Project nodequeue contains 4 modules: nodequeue_service, smartqueue, nodequeue_generate, nodequeue.
01-Feb-2016 16:19:44 nodequeue-7.x-2.0 downloaded.                                        [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:45 pathauto-7.x-1.3 downloaded.                                         [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:46 Project print contains 10 modules: print_pdf_mpdf, print_pdf_tcpdf, print_pdf_dompdf, print_pdf_wkhtmltopdf, print_pdf, print_epub_phpepub, print_epub, print_ui, print_mail, print.
01-Feb-2016 16:19:46 print-7.x-2.0 downloaded.                                            [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:47 Project profile2 contains 4 modules: profile2_page, profile2_i18n, profile2_og_access, profile2.
01-Feb-2016 16:19:47 profile2-7.x-1.3 downloaded.                                         [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:48 realname-7.x-1.2 downloaded.                                         [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:49 Project references contains 3 modules: user_reference, node_reference, references.
01-Feb-2016 16:19:49 references-7.x-2.1 downloaded.                                       [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:50 responsive_menus-7.x-1.5 downloaded.                                 [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:51 Project service_links contains 18 modules: service_links_sprites, service_links_displays, favorite_services, polish_services, print_services, basque_services, widget_services, dutch_services, general_services, farsi_services, hungarian_services, forward_services, spanish_services, swedish_services, german_services, italian_services, russian_services, service_links.
01-Feb-2016 16:19:51 service_links-7.x-2.3 downloaded.                                    [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:52 smtp-7.x-1.3 downloaded.                                             [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:52 strongarm-7.x-2.0 downloaded.                                        [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:53 Project styles contains 3 modules: styles_ui, file_styles, styles.
01-Feb-2016 16:19:53 styles-7.x-2.0-alpha8 downloaded.                                    [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:54 Project tagadelic contains 2 modules: tagadelic, tagadelic_taxonomy.
01-Feb-2016 16:19:54 tagadelic-7.x-2.x-dev downloaded.                                    [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:55 tagadelic_views-7.x-2.x-dev downloaded.                              [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:56 token-7.x-1.6 downloaded.                                            [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:57 translation_helpers-7.x-1.0 downloaded.                              [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:58 transliteration-7.x-3.2 downloaded.                                  [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:19:59 Project variable contains 6 modules: variable_store, variable_admin, variable_views, variable_realm, variable_example, variable.
01-Feb-2016 16:19:59 variable-7.x-2.5 downloaded.                                         [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:20:00 Project views contains 2 modules: views_ui, views.
01-Feb-2016 16:20:00 views-7.x-3.13 downloaded.                                           [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:20:01 Project views_bulk_operations contains 2 modules: actions_permissions, views_bulk_operations.
01-Feb-2016 16:20:01 views_bulk_operations-7.x-3.3 downloaded.                            [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:20:01 views_navigation-7.x-1.2-beta2 downloaded.                           [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:20:02 Project views_slideshow contains 2 modules: views_slideshow_cycle, views_slideshow.
01-Feb-2016 16:20:02 views_slideshow-7.x-3.1 downloaded.                                  [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:20:02 Found makefile: views_slideshow.make                                 [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:20:02 jquery.cycle downloaded from                                         [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:20:02
01-Feb-2016 16:20:02 json2 downloaded from                                                [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:20:02
01-Feb-2016 16:20:03 webform-7.x-3.24 downloaded.                                         [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:20:04 wysiwyg-7.x-2.2 downloaded.                                          [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:20:05 Project xmlsitemap contains 9 modules: xmlsitemap_node, xmlsitemap_menu, xmlsitemap_i18n, xmlsitemap_taxonomy, xmlsitemap_modal, xmlsitemap_engines, xmlsitemap_custom, xmlsitemap_user, xmlsitemap.
01-Feb-2016 16:20:05 xmlsitemap-7.x-2.2 downloaded.                                       [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:20:07 iish_blocks cloned from                                              [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:20:07
01-Feb-2016 16:20:07 Checked out branch master.                                           [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:20:14 iish_images cloned from                                              [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:20:14
01-Feb-2016 16:20:14 Checked out branch master.                                           [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:20:17 iish_language cloned from                                            [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:20:17
01-Feb-2016 16:20:17 Checked out branch master.                                           [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:20:19 iish_payments cloned from                                            [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:20:19
01-Feb-2016 16:20:19 Checked out branch master.                                           [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:20:20 Project omega contains 5 themes: alpha, starterkit_alpha_xhtml, starterkit_omega_xhtml, starterkit_omega_html5, omega.
01-Feb-2016 16:20:20 omega-7.x-3.1 downloaded.                                            [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:20:22 iisg cloned from                                                     [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:20:22
01-Feb-2016 16:20:22 Checked out branch master.                                           [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:20:24 ckeditor cloned from                                                 [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:20:24
01-Feb-2016 16:20:24 Checked out branch 3.6.0.                                            [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:20:30 colorbox cloned from      [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:20:30 Checked out branch 1.x.                                              [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:20:34 phpexcel cloned from      [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:20:34 Checked out branch 1.8.                                              [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:20:37 jquery.cycle cloned from        [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:20:38 superfish downloaded from                                            [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:20:38
01-Feb-2016 16:20:40 jquery.hoverIntent cloned from                                       [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:20:40
01-Feb-2016 16:20:42 jquery.bgiframe cloned from                                          [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:20:42
01-Feb-2016 16:20:43 mailchimp downloaded from                                            [ok]
01-Feb-2016 16:20:43
01-Feb-2016 16:20:50 Done.
01-Feb-2016 16:20:50 Finished task 'Use Drush to build the drupal package'
01-Feb-2016 16:20:50 Running post build plugin 'NCover Results Collector'
01-Feb-2016 16:20:50 Running post build plugin 'Clover Results Collector'
01-Feb-2016 16:20:50 Running post build plugin 'Artifact Copier'
01-Feb-2016 16:20:50 Publishing an artifact: 1.0
01-Feb-2016 16:20:51 Finished publishing of artifact Job artifact: [1.0], pattern: [socialhistory-1.0.tar.gz] anchored at: [target] in 0s
01-Feb-2016 16:20:51 Finalising the build...
01-Feb-2016 16:20:51 Stopping timer.
01-Feb-2016 16:20:51 Build SH-TEST-JOB1-33 completed.
01-Feb-2016 16:20:51 Running on server: post build plugin 'NCover Results Collector'
01-Feb-2016 16:20:51 Running on server: post build plugin 'Clover Delta Calculator'
01-Feb-2016 16:20:51 Running on server: post build plugin 'Build Hanging Detection Configuration'
01-Feb-2016 16:20:51 Running on server: post build plugin 'Maven Dependencies Postprocessor'
01-Feb-2016 16:20:51 All post build plugins have finished
01-Feb-2016 16:20:51 Generating build results summary...
01-Feb-2016 16:20:51 Saving build results to disk...
01-Feb-2016 16:20:51 Indexing build results...
01-Feb-2016 16:20:51 Finished building SH-TEST-JOB1-33.