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20-Dec-2018 13:28:34 Default version 1.0
20-Dec-2018 13:28:34 Build target/historici-1.0.tar.gz from historici.make, revision 5dd4a276f7a78a506fd4a36856476646298a6439
20-Dec-2018 13:28:34 Beginning to build historici.make.                                   [ok]
20-Dec-2018 13:28:43 drupal-8.5.3 downloaded.                                             [ok]
20-Dec-2018 13:28:44 danland-8.x-1.0 downloaded.                                          [ok]
20-Dec-2018 13:28:45 conference downloaded from                                           [ok]
20-Dec-2018 13:28:45 https://github.com/IISH/drupal8-theme-conference/archive/master.zip.
20-Dec-2018 13:28:46 historici downloaded from                                            [ok]
20-Dec-2018 13:28:46 https://github.com/IISH/drupal8-theme-conference/archive/master.zip.
20-Dec-2018 13:28:47 iish_conference downloaded from                                      [ok]
20-Dec-2018 13:28:47 https://github.com/IISH/drupal8-module-conference/archive/master.zip.
20-Dec-2018 13:28:52 Done.