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Africa Strikes 1.0 test
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Africa Strikes 1.0 production
c5d4ab6e6dd0bf3d22aa2a01cda352c54d53c620 c5d4ab6e6dd0bf3d22aa2a01cda352c54d53c620
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Africa Strikes 1.0 test
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Lucien van Wouw &lt;; Lucien van Wouw <> 7428d767ef5dd9f245a84b7278be436136c97f00 7428d767ef5dd9f245a84b7278be436136c97f00 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/AFRICAM-41' into test
Igor &lt;; Igor <> c5d4ab6e6dd0bf3d22aa2a01cda352c54d53c620 m c5d4ab6e6dd0bf3d22aa2a01cda352c54d53c620 Update for updating a strike
Fixed the issue where the admin is not able to update a strike from someone else. So now it checks whether the username is corresponding to the author name or if the user is an admin. The author information stays the same after the update.
Lucien van Wouw &lt;; Lucien van Wouw <> eecfde229cc423ebb2ad01c62a03711b12d5451b eecfde229cc423ebb2ad01c62a03711b12d5451b Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/AFRICAM-41' into test
Igor &lt;; Igor <> 0cbea6140e62052707d8e2c9cb3cd9e05c359db9 m 0cbea6140e62052707d8e2c9cb3cd9e05c359db9 Update for the strike labels
Rewrite of the way the labels are added to the Strike. Improvement for when there are no labels given, the Strike is not saved.
Furthermore adjusted the way the article file name is received. This to fix the issue of it being unable to view the files added.
And altered the code according to the tips Intellij gave.
Lucien van Wouw &lt;; Lucien van Wouw <> ceed3b6fc3e5930fabdcfeaf69b70e56d701ecdc ceed3b6fc3e5930fabdcfeaf69b70e56d701ecdc Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/AFRICAM-41' into test

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