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Africa Strikes 1.0 production

  • kerim1 <>

    kerim1 <> 01d39685210c97459b1029caae55dbaf39085cc5

    Merge branch 'development' into test

  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 4b8df240f06a1ee1d6c55f9f4cb6ff4447e21e91

    Adjusted the spacing of the title of the page

    • app/views/main.scala.html (version 4b8df240f06a1ee1d6c55f9f4cb6ff4447e21e91)
    • public/stylesheets/africa-strikes.css (version 4b8df240f06a1ee1d6c55f9f4cb6ff4447e21e91)
  • kerim1 &lt;;

    kerim1 <> 4a4ee19734712043c4f4d011000ed7d24dc279be

    Merge branch 'development' into test

  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> dba6df9233e0d49023f48d40360851c51253b6ca

    Added title bar to the application with IISG icon and Africa Strikes

    • app/views/main.scala.html (version dba6df9233e0d49023f48d40360851c51253b6ca)
    • public/images/IISG logo Eng RGB grijsblauw.jpg (version dba6df9233e0d49023f48d40360851c51253b6ca)
    • public/images/favicon.ico (version dba6df9233e0d49023f48d40360851c51253b6ca)
    • public/stylesheets/africa-strikes.css (version dba6df9233e0d49023f48d40360851c51253b6ca)
  • kerim1 &lt;;

    kerim1 <> b0941fb3a66b60e8c553d131b1882211485a8fd8

    Merge branch 'development' into test

  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 29807cea25020fc46bfd58764aece1da52f44bc4

    Slight changes to the look and feel
    Added a check to see if the user is an admin, so he/she is possible to use a button to switch between the index page and the admin page.
    Added a success message to the index page when a strike is entered.

    • app/controllers/ (version 29807cea25020fc46bfd58764aece1da52f44bc4)
    • app/controllers/ (version 29807cea25020fc46bfd58764aece1da52f44bc4)
    • app/controllers/ (version 29807cea25020fc46bfd58764aece1da52f44bc4)
    • app/views/admin.scala.html (version 29807cea25020fc46bfd58764aece1da52f44bc4)
    • app/views/index.scala.html (version 29807cea25020fc46bfd58764aece1da52f44bc4)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 9af7540d6d85ae5e45c5eee38ff4dd24a86b767c

    Merged javascript code into one file
    Made overlapping code from index page and update page into one javascript file.
    Cleaned up admin page.
    Removed africa-strikes-update.js
    removed duplicate code from africa-strikes-index.js

    • app/views/admin.scala.html (version 9af7540d6d85ae5e45c5eee38ff4dd24a86b767c)
    • app/views/index.scala.html (version 9af7540d6d85ae5e45c5eee38ff4dd24a86b767c)
    • app/views/update.scala.html (version 9af7540d6d85ae5e45c5eee38ff4dd24a86b767c)
    • public/javascripts/africa-strikes-index.js (version 9af7540d6d85ae5e45c5eee38ff4dd24a86b767c)
    • public/javascripts/africa-strikes-update.js (version 9af7540d6d85ae5e45c5eee38ff4dd24a86b767c)
    • public/javascripts/africa-strikes.js (version 9af7540d6d85ae5e45c5eee38ff4dd24a86b767c)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 9e1b11b41a1744463906d09581b04eef0db5c272

    Seperated javascript from html files
    Done this for the index and update pages. Created a unique file for each of these. Still need to look if it is possible to combine them.

    • app/views/index.scala.html (version 9e1b11b41a1744463906d09581b04eef0db5c272)
    • app/views/update.scala.html (version 9e1b11b41a1744463906d09581b04eef0db5c272)
    • public/javascripts/africa-strikes-index.js (version 9e1b11b41a1744463906d09581b04eef0db5c272)
    • public/javascripts/africa-strikes-update.js (version 9e1b11b41a1744463906d09581b04eef0db5c272)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 7aa3a84906a1d2bb0a9947734d84a6dfd3358550

    Removed code that is not used

    • app/views/admin.scala.html (version 7aa3a84906a1d2bb0a9947734d84a6dfd3358550)
    • app/views/index.scala.html (version 7aa3a84906a1d2bb0a9947734d84a6dfd3358550)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 43f9f19feaece8ceab96532a47432e4d0b4ed3bf

    Changed description inputText to textArea

    • app/views/admin.scala.html (version 43f9f19feaece8ceab96532a47432e4d0b4ed3bf)
    • app/views/index.scala.html (version 43f9f19feaece8ceab96532a47432e4d0b4ed3bf)
    • app/views/update.scala.html (version 43f9f19feaece8ceab96532a47432e4d0b4ed3bf)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> ba109a591ebfe996149e69e2e23b24f160e14d54

    Edited the way strike ids are given to the admin page
    Send a list of strike ids to the admin page instead of a list of strikes.
    Split the de-selection of the checked/unchecked buttons from the search function.
    Added event handler to handle the pressing of the refresh button to prevent reload of the page. And made the button of type button to prevent the form from being submitted.
    Added a route for the request of the ids.
    Added a method in Strike to load the strike ids
    Removed the check for 'refresh' in AdminController and added a method to get all strike ids

    • app/controllers/ (version ba109a591ebfe996149e69e2e23b24f160e14d54)
    • app/models/ (version ba109a591ebfe996149e69e2e23b24f160e14d54)
    • app/views/admin.scala.html (version ba109a591ebfe996149e69e2e23b24f160e14d54)
    • conf/routes (version ba109a591ebfe996149e69e2e23b24f160e14d54)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> f3a74033d7a25153feae0ba7ea450851c699d55f

    Added logging to the applicaiton
    The logging will be done in a submap of the location where the application is stored.

    • app/controllers/ (version f3a74033d7a25153feae0ba7ea450851c699d55f)
    • app/controllers/ (version f3a74033d7a25153feae0ba7ea450851c699d55f)
    • app/controllers/ (version f3a74033d7a25153feae0ba7ea450851c699d55f)
  • kerim1 &lt;;

    kerim1 <> eb069b79800e58e4ad0077e779b506b0002bb5b1

    Merge branch 'development' into test

  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> f23e745451bce3902f15c9e8fdcb025a6426fe19

    Added handler to prevent the enter button log out the user
    Furthermore update button now hides when approved.

    • app/views/admin.scala.html (version f23e745451bce3902f15c9e8fdcb025a6426fe19)
    • app/views/index.scala.html (version f23e745451bce3902f15c9e8fdcb025a6426fe19)
    • app/views/update.scala.html (version f23e745451bce3902f15c9e8fdcb025a6426fe19)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 128f93f192ce93d546bcdc87c0e275cf4487cc1b

    Removed info from return button to prevent shown in url.

    • app/views/noStrikeSelected.scala.html (version 128f93f192ce93d546bcdc87c0e275cf4487cc1b)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 34604103ed40bd932bc0153c13b966f9be68bcea

    Fixed a bug on loading the yaml files and added a page.
    Fixed a bug when loading the yaml files, as the files aren't loaded when directly surfing to the admin page. Addded a check to fix that.
    Added a page to display the error when no strike is selected in the admin page, instead of a simple string in an empty page.
    Removed unused imports and cleaned the code a bit by removing print lines.

    • app/controllers/ (version 34604103ed40bd932bc0153c13b966f9be68bcea)
    • app/controllers/ (version 34604103ed40bd932bc0153c13b966f9be68bcea)
    • app/controllers/ (version 34604103ed40bd932bc0153c13b966f9be68bcea)
    • app/views/noStrikeSelected.scala.html (version 34604103ed40bd932bc0153c13b966f9be68bcea)
    • public/stylesheets/africa-strikes.css (version 34604103ed40bd932bc0153c13b966f9be68bcea)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 086fda2f1227c9dd3902b6468a368dd8c0c0163e

    Removed the all .less files from the public folder

    • public/less/plugins/drag_drop.less (version 086fda2f1227c9dd3902b6468a368dd8c0c0163e)
    • public/less/plugins/dropdown_header.less (version 086fda2f1227c9dd3902b6468a368dd8c0c0163e)
    • public/less/plugins/optgroup_columns.less (version 086fda2f1227c9dd3902b6468a368dd8c0c0163e)
    • public/less/plugins/remove_button.less (version 086fda2f1227c9dd3902b6468a368dd8c0c0163e)
    • public/less/selectize.bootstrap2.less (version 086fda2f1227c9dd3902b6468a368dd8c0c0163e)
    • public/less/selectize.bootstrap3.less (version 086fda2f1227c9dd3902b6468a368dd8c0c0163e)
    • public/less/selectize.default.less (version 086fda2f1227c9dd3902b6468a368dd8c0c0163e)
    • public/less/selectize.legacy.less (version 086fda2f1227c9dd3902b6468a368dd8c0c0163e)
    • public/less/selectize.less (version 086fda2f1227c9dd3902b6468a368dd8c0c0163e)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> d794f5af31ae8538a1aac138ae7f95646a4ab22f

    Removed npm.js and strikeForm.js

    • public/javascripts/npm.js (version d794f5af31ae8538a1aac138ae7f95646a4ab22f)
    • public/javascripts/strikeForm.js (version d794f5af31ae8538a1aac138ae7f95646a4ab22f)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> c57323b360a888ee14c935c132c6ad22f94a9793

    Processed the feedback from AFRICAS-7 in Jira
    Removed duplicate code from AdminController and HomeController and placed it in a new class called StrikeController.
    Relocated the Yaml.load functions to StrikeController and added a call to StrikeController on the places where the Yaml.load functions used to be.
    Load the Yaml files as soon as the application is started and loads the index page with a check to see if it was already loaded.
    Updated the class Filters to add a CSRFFilter to the application to prevent Cross Site Request Forgery.
    Added CSRF tokens to all the html pages.
    Removed ExampleFilter, Module, ApplicationTimer, AtomicCounter and Counter.
    Removed cache and javaWS from libraryDependencies.
    Removed the route to HomeController.getStrikes.
    Removed web plugins and Play enhancer from plugins.sbt.

    • app/ (version c57323b360a888ee14c935c132c6ad22f94a9793)
    • app/ (version c57323b360a888ee14c935c132c6ad22f94a9793)
    • app/controllers/ (version c57323b360a888ee14c935c132c6ad22f94a9793)
    • app/controllers/ (version c57323b360a888ee14c935c132c6ad22f94a9793)
    • app/controllers/ (version c57323b360a888ee14c935c132c6ad22f94a9793)
    • app/filters/ (version c57323b360a888ee14c935c132c6ad22f94a9793)
    • app/services/ (version c57323b360a888ee14c935c132c6ad22f94a9793)
    • app/services/ (version c57323b360a888ee14c935c132c6ad22f94a9793)
    • app/services/ (version c57323b360a888ee14c935c132c6ad22f94a9793)
    • app/views/admin.scala.html (version c57323b360a888ee14c935c132c6ad22f94a9793)
    • app/views/index.scala.html (version c57323b360a888ee14c935c132c6ad22f94a9793)
    • app/views/login.scala.html (version c57323b360a888ee14c935c132c6ad22f94a9793)
    • app/views/update.scala.html (version c57323b360a888ee14c935c132c6ad22f94a9793)
    • build.sbt (version c57323b360a888ee14c935c132c6ad22f94a9793)
    • conf/routes (version c57323b360a888ee14c935c132c6ad22f94a9793)
    • project/plugins.sbt (version c57323b360a888ee14c935c132c6ad22f94a9793)
  • kerim1 &lt;;

    kerim1 <> 3c896c5d40991cd06b26c643a429d889afa69741

    Merge pull request #2 from IISH/development
    Updated the app according to comments in AFRICAS-6

  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 1390422a272253f9a71c407abe80795c145fee13

    Updated the app according to comments in AFRICAS-6
    Replaced the static filepath with the variable "articleFilePath"
    Added the stylesheet "africa-strikes.css"
    Removed "input-full-width" from bootstrap.css

    • app/controllers/ (version 1390422a272253f9a71c407abe80795c145fee13)
    • app/views/main.scala.html (version 1390422a272253f9a71c407abe80795c145fee13)
    • public/stylesheets/africa-strikes.css (version 1390422a272253f9a71c407abe80795c145fee13)
    • public/stylesheets/bootstrap.css (version 1390422a272253f9a71c407abe80795c145fee13)
  • kerim1 &lt;;

    kerim1 <> f0c40dfe071a4a99cfb15daaffc3b025fb20cc20

    Merge pull request #1 from IISH/development
    Update build.sbt

  • kerim1 &lt;;

    kerim1 <> b125aa377dc2bc6db0dcd83fab4154f501f9b2f2

    Update build.sbt

    • build.sbt (version b125aa377dc2bc6db0dcd83fab4154f501f9b2f2)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 43ce592b65c97b597ee5138b766c69a6760c8ecb

    Merged development into origin/test

  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 13698c0381e273dc9b1f9bebbff0f3a8fdc31ef4

    Cleanup, and change way article path is determined (config)

    • app/controllers/ (version 13698c0381e273dc9b1f9bebbff0f3a8fdc31ef4)
    • conf/application.conf (version 13698c0381e273dc9b1f9bebbff0f3a8fdc31ef4)
    • conf/country-data.yml (version 13698c0381e273dc9b1f9bebbff0f3a8fdc31ef4)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> c67d2352d1c3210b8fb7cfbb6840cbb31d597c56

    Updated the application
    Added checks for the admin controller: logout and refresh list
    Removed print line from home controller
    Edited some dimensions and added refresh button for the select list in admin
    added dependency to mysql
    Changed settings for the database to mysql database (localhost)
    update of the database evolution

    • app/controllers/ (version c67d2352d1c3210b8fb7cfbb6840cbb31d597c56)
    • app/controllers/ (version c67d2352d1c3210b8fb7cfbb6840cbb31d597c56)
    • app/views/admin.scala.html (version c67d2352d1c3210b8fb7cfbb6840cbb31d597c56)
    • build.sbt (version c67d2352d1c3210b8fb7cfbb6840cbb31d597c56)
    • conf/application.conf (version c67d2352d1c3210b8fb7cfbb6840cbb31d597c56)
    • conf/evolutions/default/1.sql (version c67d2352d1c3210b8fb7cfbb6840cbb31d597c56)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> bdb1651655c817e0ae2336e8be5d3a6847195b1d

    Updated the application
    Added try catch around the code to save the strike.
    Checks if the strike is valid and returns error messages to display on the page.
    Adjusted the way the page is shown
    Added a logout button to the page
    Changed message to multiple messages for the errors
    Added Strike variable
    Added logout button
    Changed the way info is displayed in the selectize elements, this for when a Strike is inserted incorrectly and redisplayed.
    Edited the Add Strike button
    Edited the buttons

    • app/controllers/ (version bdb1651655c817e0ae2336e8be5d3a6847195b1d)
    • app/views/admin.scala.html (version bdb1651655c817e0ae2336e8be5d3a6847195b1d)
    • app/views/index.scala.html (version bdb1651655c817e0ae2336e8be5d3a6847195b1d)
    • app/views/update.scala.html (version bdb1651655c817e0ae2336e8be5d3a6847195b1d)
    • conf/evolutions/default/1.sql (version bdb1651655c817e0ae2336e8be5d3a6847195b1d)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 3f4771386badca9bca4ea09abad1785bbe7dc399

    Added myself with admin rights

    • app/controllers/ (version 3f4771386badca9bca4ea09abad1785bbe7dc399)
    • conf/application.conf (version 3f4771386badca9bca4ea09abad1785bbe7dc399)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 1bf4b9e300af74cad344949b446e8a5910fc1a27

    Cleaned up the code and fixed dates on update form

    • app/controllers/ (version 1bf4b9e300af74cad344949b446e8a5910fc1a27)
    • app/controllers/ (version 1bf4b9e300af74cad344949b446e8a5910fc1a27)
    • app/views/admin.scala.html (version 1bf4b9e300af74cad344949b446e8a5910fc1a27)
    • app/views/update.scala.html (version 1bf4b9e300af74cad344949b446e8a5910fc1a27)
    • conf/routes (version 1bf4b9e300af74cad344949b446e8a5910fc1a27)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> ae914d027062a150a19edc9b91d3695a44b4a69a

    Username being added automatically, therefore removed author field

    • app/controllers/ (version ae914d027062a150a19edc9b91d3695a44b4a69a)
    • app/views/index.scala.html (version ae914d027062a150a19edc9b91d3695a44b4a69a)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 6b60bfc46dbc23b6d1e9528da42d9f55d2dadfa4

    Set the login active
    Adminauthorized commented due to testing and rights

    • app/controllers/ (version 6b60bfc46dbc23b6d1e9528da42d9f55d2dadfa4)
    • app/controllers/ (version 6b60bfc46dbc23b6d1e9528da42d9f55d2dadfa4)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 9e15807fff0909dee4252cfe18e3fc45f9d2447b

    Adjusted the update form
    Check on upload of article to see if it is empty or not. This to prevent the download of invalid files.
    Check if article is present when loading update form.

    • app/controllers/ (version 9e15807fff0909dee4252cfe18e3fc45f9d2447b)
    • app/views/update.scala.html (version 9e15807fff0909dee4252cfe18e3fc45f9d2447b)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 1b3e9f311356dbce3ea21d16192a84c312991c89

    Fixed the days selectable on change of year and month

    • app/views/index.scala.html (version 1b3e9f311356dbce3ea21d16192a84c312991c89)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> ff03667ffd46a47ea1943648278a4a07855bb095

    Hides the approve button if strike is already checked

    • app/views/admin.scala.html (version ff03667ffd46a47ea1943648278a4a07855bb095)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> b1e3b0658868445b48358c3ddafe393365d56c8e

    Removed whitespace around the images

    • public/articles/noArticle.png (version b1e3b0658868445b48358c3ddafe393365d56c8e)
    • public/articles/viewArticle.png (version b1e3b0658868445b48358c3ddafe393365d56c8e)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 0fe8899455342ded48907507b7f81ea8711abad8

    Updated admin side and homecontroller
    Check if an article is uploaded, if not the variable stays empty. Due to viewing the article downloading unvalid file.
    Adjusted the search in admin form. This due to the possibility on looking by checked or unchecked and searching specific strike.
    Furthermore standardized the image shown at the article field.
    Added a new image for noArticle shown
    Edited name of view.png to viewArticle.png

    • app/controllers/ (version 0fe8899455342ded48907507b7f81ea8711abad8)
    • app/views/admin.scala.html (version 0fe8899455342ded48907507b7f81ea8711abad8)
    • public/articles/noArticle.png (version 0fe8899455342ded48907507b7f81ea8711abad8)
    • public/articles/view.png (version 0fe8899455342ded48907507b7f81ea8711abad8)
    • public/articles/viewArticle.png (version 0fe8899455342ded48907507b7f81ea8711abad8)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 01265b95d17e74438bd1abfdafca82d46e763df6

    Updated the admin side
    Made it possible to search for checked or unchecked strikes, or all.
    Now possible to make a strike checked and/or discard a strike.
    Added alerts to the user to ask to be sure to discard of approve the strike.

    • app/controllers/ (version 01265b95d17e74438bd1abfdafca82d46e763df6)
    • app/views/admin.scala.html (version 01265b95d17e74438bd1abfdafca82d46e763df6)
    • app/views/update.scala.html (version 01265b95d17e74438bd1abfdafca82d46e763df6)
    • conf/routes (version 01265b95d17e74438bd1abfdafca82d46e763df6)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 739cb08f8247115eb22197669423dec94703a7d8

    Added a checked variable to the Strike object.

    • app/controllers/ (version 739cb08f8247115eb22197669423dec94703a7d8)
    • app/models/ (version 739cb08f8247115eb22197669423dec94703a7d8)
    • conf/evolutions/default/1.sql (version 739cb08f8247115eb22197669423dec94703a7d8)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 5877828eb3de059cb73b6cdf51badde76f186c6c

    Added default value for duration on load

    • app/views/index.scala.html (version 5877828eb3de059cb73b6cdf51badde76f186c6c)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 314577bf3d8d3bb9ac400a358cfba4d63413f66c

    Updated the update view
    Now shows the information given in the multiple selectors. By rewriting the select fields. Now uses the selectedStrike passed by Admincontroller.
    And also saves the information of these fields.

    • app/controllers/ (version 314577bf3d8d3bb9ac400a358cfba4d63413f66c)
    • app/views/update.scala.html (version 314577bf3d8d3bb9ac400a358cfba4d63413f66c)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 46e67d6d036563c35f62fc2b64b3c34f320a65b6

    Changed handling of helpers
    Changed the names of the helpers to resemble the names provided in the strike object. This for autofilling the form according to the strike object given.
    Changed the constructors of a couple of models for the new way of saving the input from the helpers.
    Furthermore did some cleanup of the code.

    • app/controllers/ (version 46e67d6d036563c35f62fc2b64b3c34f320a65b6)
    • app/controllers/ (version 46e67d6d036563c35f62fc2b64b3c34f320a65b6)
    • app/models/ (version 46e67d6d036563c35f62fc2b64b3c34f320a65b6)
    • app/models/ (version 46e67d6d036563c35f62fc2b64b3c34f320a65b6)
    • app/models/ (version 46e67d6d036563c35f62fc2b64b3c34f320a65b6)
    • app/models/ (version 46e67d6d036563c35f62fc2b64b3c34f320a65b6)
    • app/models/ (version 46e67d6d036563c35f62fc2b64b3c34f320a65b6)
    • app/views/index.scala.html (version 46e67d6d036563c35f62fc2b64b3c34f320a65b6)
    • app/views/update.scala.html (version 46e67d6d036563c35f62fc2b64b3c34f320a65b6)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> f8df5e9d7c5d18f304e93705a9294e2911871bff

    Added an update form to the application
    Updated the button in admin to link to the update view
    Updated the routes according to the update view
    Added code to the admin controller to save the updated strike
    Altered strikeSelected variable to a global variable
    Created an update form similar to the input form, for the admin to update the strike

    • app/controllers/ (version f8df5e9d7c5d18f304e93705a9294e2911871bff)
    • app/views/admin.scala.html (version f8df5e9d7c5d18f304e93705a9294e2911871bff)
    • app/views/update.scala.html (version f8df5e9d7c5d18f304e93705a9294e2911871bff)
    • conf/routes (version f8df5e9d7c5d18f304e93705a9294e2911871bff)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 171036d60140bc729ecbd50e9f5466f01b1c185d

    Updated selectors
    Updated the label of numberofparticipants
    Updated the options for companies involveld in strike

    • app/views/index.scala.html (version 171036d60140bc729ecbd50e9f5466f01b1c185d)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 7f0952a71d0ae7f2272ce5affcc8c7c7ea0b7111

    Updated the labour relations yaml file

    • conf/labour-relations.yml (version 7f0952a71d0ae7f2272ce5affcc8c7c7ea0b7111)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 3773cea823b5a99779a0d06a23a5013b7366cacb

    Adjusted the form input and admin
    Rewrote the way the input fields and the admin fields are shown. Made use of the helper.
    Created a list of the days, years and duration to pass to the input form view.
    Commented companynames, occupations and identityDetails in homecontroller as they are being stored in a slightly different way.
    Rewrote in Strike the way companynames, occupations and identitydetails is being stored

    • app/controllers/ (version 3773cea823b5a99779a0d06a23a5013b7366cacb)
    • app/models/ (version 3773cea823b5a99779a0d06a23a5013b7366cacb)
    • app/views/admin.scala.html (version 3773cea823b5a99779a0d06a23a5013b7366cacb)
    • app/views/index.scala.html (version 3773cea823b5a99779a0d06a23a5013b7366cacb)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 48c0f24b2edea251fac17a7856b79ad27236f5b0

    Updated homecontroller
    Changed  the prefix of the article to "article-"
    Changed the way the article file name gets saved

    • app/controllers/ (version 48c0f24b2edea251fac17a7856b79ad27236f5b0)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 8e5ee73d1511ced56b0a3023b675f419761ab5e1

    changes to admin
    Set the fields to readonly, to prevent unwanted changes
    Visual improvements

    • app/views/admin.scala.html (version 8e5ee73d1511ced56b0a3023b675f419761ab5e1)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 11bcaa9aa4651ee0ec106035a081f12e01a3b049

    Removed unnecessary code

    • public/stylesheets/bootstrap.css (version 11bcaa9aa4651ee0ec106035a081f12e01a3b049)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 6d28784b696dc229f862b0a64232abe5000dcb9a

    Updated the input and admin form
    Added two images to show when no example of the article can be given.
    When adding an article, the article extension is checked in orde to use the appropriate way of saving the file.
    Admin form updated to look nicer.
    Added three buttons on the button of adminform (for trial)
    Search function added when looking for strike in inputfield
    Updated the way to get the article, and how to display it.
    Cleaned up the input form, the place where the info is given, how the days for the given month are calculated, and how the months are loaded in to the select.
    Updated the routes to get the article from the given strike

    • app/controllers/ (version 6d28784b696dc229f862b0a64232abe5000dcb9a)
    • app/views/admin.scala.html (version 6d28784b696dc229f862b0a64232abe5000dcb9a)
    • app/views/index.scala.html (version 6d28784b696dc229f862b0a64232abe5000dcb9a)
    • conf/routes (version 6d28784b696dc229f862b0a64232abe5000dcb9a)
    • public/articles/download.png (version 6d28784b696dc229f862b0a64232abe5000dcb9a)
    • public/articles/view.png (version 6d28784b696dc229f862b0a64232abe5000dcb9a)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 032b88c2a993f0272bec47f9c414f9fea0a11a07

    Updated the Strike model, and therefore the sql

    • app/models/ (version 032b88c2a993f0272bec47f9c414f9fea0a11a07)
    • conf/evolutions/default/1.sql (version 032b88c2a993f0272bec47f9c414f9fea0a11a07)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 42355ca26aaee24e80623f200fcb8166a7df774e

    Updated existing yamls
    Added a "not provided" option to the yamls

    • conf/country-data.yml (version 42355ca26aaee24e80623f200fcb8166a7df774e)
    • conf/source-data.yml (version 42355ca26aaee24e80623f200fcb8166a7df774e)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 30a284201886201367d0b9a0c81571474f1a7d07

    Created new YML files
    Files created for the displaying of info in the inputform. This to replace the current way of showing/adding values to selectors

    • conf/labour-relations.yml (version 30a284201886201367d0b9a0c81571474f1a7d07)
    • conf/months.yml (version 30a284201886201367d0b9a0c81571474f1a7d07)
    • conf/number-of-participants.yml (version 30a284201886201367d0b9a0c81571474f1a7d07)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 4170748c33828671a8299ae2e444fc9b24e641df

    Changed article and admin
    Changed the name to represent the name of the uploaded article
    Changed the method that returns the article belonging to the selected strike

    • app/controllers/ (version 4170748c33828671a8299ae2e444fc9b24e641df)
    • app/models/ (version 4170748c33828671a8299ae2e444fc9b24e641df)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> f7086f6c8ae3680482b1b4c5cb2a90e2572d6e16

    Updated admin form
    Changed the select field for the strikes back to html code
    Split the company ownership in two divs to improve visual appeal
    Function to add the strike id's to the select field
    Function to get the selected strike as a Json, and fill the fields according to the information in the Json. Inline function to get the values of the different arrays in the json.

    • app/views/admin.scala.html (version f7086f6c8ae3680482b1b4c5cb2a90e2572d6e16)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> c0d26938ae78c6a5062b0c04f8d7f5333f5045eb

    Commented the check for development mode for test purposes
    Still needs work, so is not of importance right now

    • app/controllers/ (version c0d26938ae78c6a5062b0c04f8d7f5333f5045eb)
    • app/security/ (version c0d26938ae78c6a5062b0c04f8d7f5333f5045eb)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 4844db9862a65d45cfe7dc60c0d7a1e35cdb1bc8

    Added year end to the strike

    • app/models/ (version 4844db9862a65d45cfe7dc60c0d7a1e35cdb1bc8)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> aff224974f33a5ec94b78dd19a1e4fc2163ffb67

    Added code to get selected strike in admin form as json

    • app/controllers/ (version aff224974f33a5ec94b78dd19a1e4fc2163ffb67)
    • conf/routes (version aff224974f33a5ec94b78dd19a1e4fc2163ffb67)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> fda92a1f54eecb6743a928b809a054571468a3dc

    Made sure the year end select list is filled

    • app/views/index.scala.html (version fda92a1f54eecb6743a928b809a054571468a3dc)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 899ed95c195ec10676f936e4a87c30cf7d6079e1

    Merged branch development into development

  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 7d817425077b46a5d7d6c28caa7b1f38c9e0dd41

    Added the beginning of an admin form

    • app/controllers/ (version 7d817425077b46a5d7d6c28caa7b1f38c9e0dd41)
    • app/models/ (version 7d817425077b46a5d7d6c28caa7b1f38c9e0dd41)
    • app/views/admin.scala.html (version 7d817425077b46a5d7d6c28caa7b1f38c9e0dd41)
    • app/views/index.scala.html (version 7d817425077b46a5d7d6c28caa7b1f38c9e0dd41)
    • conf/routes (version 7d817425077b46a5d7d6c28caa7b1f38c9e0dd41)
    • public/stylesheets/bootstrap.css (version 7d817425077b46a5d7d6c28caa7b1f38c9e0dd41)
  • kerim1 &lt;;

    kerim1 <> 307721db07563827aebacfd13908d8a0cac3736e

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/development' into development
    # Conflicts:
    #        app/controllers/

  • kerim1 &lt;;

    kerim1 <> 7cfc37b9ea34f79d97b4740a7f2e476c10e0ec74

    security ldap implemented

    • app/controllers/ (version 7cfc37b9ea34f79d97b4740a7f2e476c10e0ec74)
    • app/controllers/ (version 7cfc37b9ea34f79d97b4740a7f2e476c10e0ec74)
    • app/models/ (version 7cfc37b9ea34f79d97b4740a7f2e476c10e0ec74)
    • app/security/ (version 7cfc37b9ea34f79d97b4740a7f2e476c10e0ec74)
    • app/security/ (version 7cfc37b9ea34f79d97b4740a7f2e476c10e0ec74)
    • app/views/login.scala.html (version 7cfc37b9ea34f79d97b4740a7f2e476c10e0ec74)
    • conf/application.conf (version 7cfc37b9ea34f79d97b4740a7f2e476c10e0ec74)
    • conf/evolutions/default/1.sql (version 7cfc37b9ea34f79d97b4740a7f2e476c10e0ec74)
    • conf/routes (version 7cfc37b9ea34f79d97b4740a7f2e476c10e0ec74)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 70611c65145f1496b7fb536b64fe7f7928dd64a5

    Updated Strike
    Added Article to Strike with getter and setter
    Sql updated aswell
    Updated HomeController to match Strike
    Updated Index.html to match data required for Strike

    • app/controllers/ (version 70611c65145f1496b7fb536b64fe7f7928dd64a5)
    • app/models/ (version 70611c65145f1496b7fb536b64fe7f7928dd64a5)
    • app/views/index.scala.html (version 70611c65145f1496b7fb536b64fe7f7928dd64a5)
    • conf/evolutions/default/1.sql (version 70611c65145f1496b7fb536b64fe7f7928dd64a5)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 3cdd10f056ee2bebc499668e2e2fe62e4165240a

    Added route for admin

    • conf/routes (version 3cdd10f056ee2bebc499668e2e2fe62e4165240a)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> b85bb6b4f95e92cd23a6a9143afe4b5fe2be929c

    Removed two controllers and added AdminController

    • app/controllers/ (version b85bb6b4f95e92cd23a6a9143afe4b5fe2be929c)
    • app/controllers/ (version b85bb6b4f95e92cd23a6a9143afe4b5fe2be929c)
    • app/controllers/ (version b85bb6b4f95e92cd23a6a9143afe4b5fe2be929c)
    • app/controllers/ (version b85bb6b4f95e92cd23a6a9143afe4b5fe2be929c)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 387636355f87e128d7d88ba5f88fb6ccce513a34

    Added class (Model) Article

    • app/models/ (version 387636355f87e128d7d88ba5f88fb6ccce513a34)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 023789c90ec52d1a31af7c061e250858e11a90ed

    Updated class Strike
    Cleaned up the class
    Added variable geographicalContext
    Added variable identityDetails

    • app/models/ (version 023789c90ec52d1a31af7c061e250858e11a90ed)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> b82c72f8b1b5af8a083904b4b619028343c175f9

    Added class IdentityDetail

    • app/models/ (version b82c72f8b1b5af8a083904b4b619028343c175f9)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 03a13db9f6cbfa7c3b2d08fc1467b2cdd9004192

    Updated the database

    • conf/evolutions/default/1.sql (version 03a13db9f6cbfa7c3b2d08fc1467b2cdd9004192)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> c6a25c0411bb2d7b08441f213b7b89f3376e73e5

    Updated HomeController
    Changed Occupation into OccupationHisco and added new code for the Occupation class.

    • app/controllers/ (version c6a25c0411bb2d7b08441f213b7b89f3376e73e5)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> d3e260f0716d85c5383247bf80d0a2a965f9b666

    Updated the form
    Changed Occupation into OccupationHisco for having the wrong name in the beginning and added an input field for Occupation with selectize

    • app/views/index.scala.html (version d3e260f0716d85c5383247bf80d0a2a965f9b666)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 9617e37a6a82aae8813e1bde6e9a97d6209a4c6a

    Added a list of hiscoOccupations to class Strike

    • app/models/ (version 9617e37a6a82aae8813e1bde6e9a97d6209a4c6a)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> c4a0143e2fef902c3e441cab59dcc5e905a9664a

    Altered the constructor of Occupation

    • app/models/ (version c4a0143e2fef902c3e441cab59dcc5e905a9664a)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 9ae66e7cc68fda8050ef9ee1858c3aec3c4497ce

    Renamed the occupation-data.yml to occupation-hisco-data.yml

    • conf/occupation-data.yml (version 9ae66e7cc68fda8050ef9ee1858c3aec3c4497ce)
    • conf/occupation-hisco-data.yml (version 9ae66e7cc68fda8050ef9ee1858c3aec3c4497ce)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 2c6228392de1c9a349881614e2853aad78dea234

    Added an OccupationHisco class

    • app/models/ (version 2c6228392de1c9a349881614e2853aad78dea234)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 71e10ec7de8997f6d6048c9fcfad2de54592cda2

    Updated form
    Removed companynames as parameter as it is not being used

    • app/views/index.scala.html (version 71e10ec7de8997f6d6048c9fcfad2de54592cda2)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 7148bbe44283b235c08254aa85ab94118233518f

    Updated HomeController
    Wrote two private methods to get rid of repeated code with the help of Kerim

    • app/controllers/ (version 7148bbe44283b235c08254aa85ab94118233518f)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 84aff7aee8123480d6e81c51f33c8382bc481768

    Updated multiple classes
    Made the classes extend Model of Ebean

    • app/models/ (version 84aff7aee8123480d6e81c51f33c8382bc481768)
    • app/models/ (version 84aff7aee8123480d6e81c51f33c8382bc481768)
    • app/models/ (version 84aff7aee8123480d6e81c51f33c8382bc481768)
    • app/models/ (version 84aff7aee8123480d6e81c51f33c8382bc481768)
    • app/models/ (version 84aff7aee8123480d6e81c51f33c8382bc481768)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 86b6088c3fc2834b602231b8108c5b749124752b

    Updated the database

    • conf/evolutions/default/1.sql (version 86b6088c3fc2834b602231b8108c5b749124752b)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 5443acf63966b353c099bf4c3dcf92a368d21e14

    Updated HomeController class
    Give a list of the company name yaml as variable for the index page
    Added code to get the companynames string, seperate it and set it to the collected strike to be saved
    Removed the company names mapping, as the way the company names are retrieved has changed.
    Removed some print lines

    • app/controllers/ (version 5443acf63966b353c099bf4c3dcf92a368d21e14)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 86c978ef893652c49521a6f6d2bfe4f31fe2cd06

    Updated the form
    Added List of company names as parameter for the form
    Indented the occupations select
    Changed the comanynames input back to the html variant.
    Added a specific companynames selectize for the creation of string objects to show in the company name input box
    Removed the commented selectize functions as they aren't used

    • app/views/index.scala.html (version 86c978ef893652c49521a6f6d2bfe4f31fe2cd06)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> bcb1817727e6aae1bfd17258b7ab7a7be50757e9

    Updated CompanyName class
    Changed constructor to accept a string for the companyNameText.

    • app/models/ (version bcb1817727e6aae1bfd17258b7ab7a7be50757e9)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 6e5cd285c771af007fe8add2826ace7ea20353bd

    Changed relation to companyName to OneToMany

    • app/models/ (version 6e5cd285c771af007fe8add2826ace7ea20353bd)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 63d52aabb231cde153f76dbc95889f9f6344ad5e

    Give the default company name an id of 1

    • conf/company-name-data.yml (version 63d52aabb231cde153f76dbc95889f9f6344ad5e)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 59f061c5f02e4964a6ccde5679758365a19ca857

    The updated database evolution file

    • conf/evolutions/default/1.sql (version 59f061c5f02e4964a6ccde5679758365a19ca857)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 289fb9a7f11412e46d5ed97d214ad134f7ce718c

    Updated the index page
    Updated the parameter line for the extra info given
    Replaced the html select elements with select helpers
    Commented the append functions for the select helpers
    Put the selectize call in a single function and commented the original selectize calls

    • app/views/index.scala.html (version 289fb9a7f11412e46d5ed97d214ad134f7ce718c)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> dd3f02e70865f6ee91b5ca4a39276f52ed88b9ab

    Updated HomeController
    Edited the output of println for the loading of sector yaml
    Added code to load all the yaml files and fill the database with the content of the yaml files
    Edited the call of the index with the information to be given.
    Added mappers for the variables in the class Strike which are of the type List. This done as try catch.

    • app/controllers/ (version dd3f02e70865f6ee91b5ca4a39276f52ed88b9ab)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 005929348bef91c642857174f3857ce11105fed7

    Updated getter for all elements of the class

    • app/models/ (version 005929348bef91c642857174f3857ce11105fed7)
    • app/models/ (version 005929348bef91c642857174f3857ce11105fed7)
    • app/models/ (version 005929348bef91c642857174f3857ce11105fed7)
    • app/models/ (version 005929348bef91c642857174f3857ce11105fed7)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 020f5768ba059cbb0e2441f796bf92864de151b5

    Cleanup of occupation yaml

    • conf/occupation-data.yml (version 020f5768ba059cbb0e2441f796bf92864de151b5)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 26d1e8a0c042d0e101001b6d7e2b314f8c1021d7

    Updated getter and setter for List Cause of dispute

    • app/models/ (version 26d1e8a0c042d0e101001b6d7e2b314f8c1021d7)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 65b3bf47e13fe3ad587e54fce1b7d4a4bd1d8bd7

    Added Cause of dispute yaml
    Contains causes of dispute to be added to the database

    • conf/cause-of-dispute-data.yml (version 65b3bf47e13fe3ad587e54fce1b7d4a4bd1d8bd7)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 24d0c153ea78e95efea352c600a017289dffe5f2

    Added Company name yaml
    Contains a default value for when no Company name is given

    • conf/company-name-data.yml (version 24d0c153ea78e95efea352c600a017289dffe5f2)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> e901c881589271552960b5bd16679fdeb32e2575

    Added Country yaml
    Contains countries to be added to the database

    • conf/country-data.yml (version e901c881589271552960b5bd16679fdeb32e2575)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 20baa657a0de554b5291e878dd318f88812f50ce

    Added Identity Element yaml
    Contains the identity elements to be added to the database

    • conf/identity-element-data.yml (version 20baa657a0de554b5291e878dd318f88812f50ce)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 9905ea7edbb01d7bfb8b65b0bb4a86b007530245

    Added strike definition yaml
    Contains the strike definitions to be added to the database.

    • conf/strike-definition-data.yml (version 9905ea7edbb01d7bfb8b65b0bb4a86b007530245)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> cd556e42a4c169bc72332d011041ae869ed2771c

    Updated class Strike
    Added List variables of CompanyName, CauseOfDispute, IdentityElement and StrikeDefinition
    Edited the getters and setters of the added List variables

    • app/models/ (version cd556e42a4c169bc72332d011041ae869ed2771c)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 531e6ec0e823f95f92f04e46e6601cc9d18f313f

    Removed getId
    As id is public, getId is redundant

    • app/models/ (version 531e6ec0e823f95f92f04e46e6601cc9d18f313f)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> fe750c7d61343045e651655925c7bd6f22976204

    Added "no occupation provided"

    • conf/occupation-data.yml (version fe750c7d61343045e651655925c7bd6f22976204)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 20586f08851e54a368104b0da983e87db847dcff

    Added CauseOfDispute class

    • app/models/ (version 20586f08851e54a368104b0da983e87db847dcff)
  • Igor &lt;;

    Igor <> 8da254b01a405ff71e0e2c9f1edef69fdf7faab3

    Added CompanyName class

    • app/models/ (version 8da254b01a405ff71e0e2c9f1edef69fdf7faab3)